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Services Provided

Services Provided

All pruning operations are undertaken to British Standard BS3998: Tree Work – Recommendations

  • Air spade work – To decompact soil around trees and to enable root/root collar inspection without damaging the tree
  • Bracing – Installing braces into trees with structural weaknesses.
  • Building /site clearance – clearing whole sites of vegetation.
  • Crane work – specialising in tree removal in confined areas.
  • Consultancy – Professional & qualified advice – See ‘Consultancy’ page.
  • Emergency call out service – Rapid response for removal of fallen and dangerous trees.
  • Hedge trimming and maintenance.
  • Tree surgery – Crown reductions, crown raising, pollarding, tree felling, section fells – felling and dismantling trees in confined areas, retrenchment pruning
  • Planting – trees and hedges.
  • Deadwood removal – to remove hazardous deadwood.
  • Roadside works – tree works along highways where traffic control is needed.
  • Stump grinding – mechanically grinding stumps out to below ground level using a stump grinder.
  • Stump treatment to prevent regenerative growth.
  • Trees in Conservation Areas – Offering advice and submitting the necessary 6-week notice to the local planning authority for works to trees in Conservation Areas in accordance with Part II of the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990.
  • Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s) – Working on and applying to work on trees with TPO’s on them.

Nesting Birds & wildlife implications
Prior to undertaking any tree works and as part of the onsite risk assessment any wildlife implications are assessed which may necessitate the timing of works in accordance with The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981(WCA 1981), the Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats (Bern Convention) and Council Directive 79/409/EEC on the Conservation of Wild Birds (Birds Directive) in Great Britain.

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